Kaneka Corporation

Established in 1949 in Osaka, Japan, Kaneka Corporation is a $5 billion* producer of chemical products including resins, pharmaceutical intermediaries, food supplements, synthetic fibers, and fine chemicals. Our 3,300 employees (8,400 including subsidiaries) are meeting our customer needs on all continents; Kaneka has overseas subsidiaries in the United States, Belgium, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, China, Vietnam, India, Taiwan and South Korea.

Kaneka MS Polymer™

Kaneka liquid polymers are widely recognized as the premium choice of base resins for producing sealants, adhesives, and coatings. Their unique properties enable KANEKA MS POLYMER™, KANEKA SILYL™, and KANEKA XMAP™ based products to deliver outstanding performance for a broad variety of markets including: construction, industrial, transportation, flooring, waterproofing, DIY and specialty markets. Kaneka’s continuous pursuit of innovation is reflected in our broad product portfolio covering these various applications.

Our Advantage

OVER Acrylics• Solvent and Water free = Minimal shrinkage or cracking
• Higher joint movement capability
• Quick curing / Faster strength buildup
OVER Silicones• Better adhesion on a wide variety of substrates
• Paintable
OVER Polyurethanes• Solvent Free, Low VOC, Isocyanate Free, low to no Odor
• Better adhesion on a wide variety of substrates
• Higher Weatherability
• Stable viscosity
• Minimal bubbling
OVER Rubber/Synthetics• Much Lower VOC, Very Low odor, Solvent Free
• Higher joint movement capability
• Better adhesion on a wide variety of substrates

Global Supply Network

North America, LLC.
5800 Underwood Rd., Pasadena, TX 77507

Nijverheidsstraat 16, 2260 Westerlo-Oevel, Belgium
+32 14 25 78 00

2-1-8 Takasagocho Miyamaecho, Takasago, Hyogo 676-0027, Japan
+81 794452500

Lot 123-124, Jalan Gebeng 2/3, Gebeng Industrial Estate, 26080 Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia
+609-582 6000

40 Years of Service

With our fully equipped polymer laboratory, Kaneka provides leading expertise in:

Application Development

Formulation Development

Compound Mixing

Finished Product Testing

Technical Service

Market Insight